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Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

HPCC mini-Virtual Conference

Saturday 23rd October 2021, 15:00 BST (UTC+1)



The second mini-conference of 2021 was held online on 23rd October 2021. Videos and slides from the event are available below.

The event was live streamed on Webex and the channel on YouTube.

If you would like to give a presentation at a future conference, please email conference at hpcc dot org.


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Saturday 23rd October 2021
Time GMT (UTC) Duration Speaker Subject Slides Recording
15:00 0:41 Chuck McCord The HP 9808A/B Unicorn - The Product that Almost Was Download Watch
15:45 0:35 Sylvain Cote FRAM71 and FRAM71B Configurator Spreadsheet Download Watch
16:20 0:25 Chuck McCord What if? We could have another model in the Voyager Series Download Watch

How to Join

A fixed number of registered attendees will be able to join via Webex. This will allow you to use the conference chat facility to chat to other attendees and to be able to ask question of the presenters and attendees. Although you can use Webex in a desktop web browser, the best experience is through the Webex app. The app is available on most major platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Linux users will have to use the browser version of Webex which has fewer facilities.

To ensure that your equipment is fully compatible with Webex try connecting to this Test call at any time before the conference.

Anyone who does not have an invitation can watch the conference live on YouTube.

Conference Etiquette

The Webex system works best with the Webex Meetings app, providing a full interactive experience.

The Webex app is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can also join just using a web browser, which is necessary if you are using Linux. Webex also allows people to dial in from their phones if their broadband is poor. Using a web browser or phone reduces the facilities available.

Webex allows us to switch between different presenters and potentially for many people to speak and appear on video at once. With this flexibility come some downsides, so we strongly urge everyone to adhere to the following:

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