Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings



HPCC Mini-Conference

Physics Common Room, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, London SW7

11th September 2010

The HPCC 2010 Mini-Conference took place in our usual London meeting room. Photographs (click for bigger versions) and the timetable are shown below.


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Bruce Dickson (at right), having given his thought-provoking talk on "New Faces for Old Handhelds" about uses for calculators in education, introduces Tony Duell. Tony Duell described the HP9836CU Desktop Computer; he took it apart, displayed circuit diagrams (on the wall in the background) and showed and described each component part. In the audience - the people who keep the Club running. At the left is Mark Power, our webmaster. In the middle is Dave Colver, Treasurer and Membership Secretary. At right, Bruce Horrocks, Datafile Editor.
Hugh introducing his talk about a way to design a calculator based on just two mathematical operations and one function. Hugh Steers, as part of his talk "A one function two banger that whoops ass!" explains his suggestion for the one function that can be used as the basis for all mathematical functions on a calculator. Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz giving the last talk, on "Bring Back Which Calculator?", suggesting one model that HP could be encouraged to bring back. In the vote at the end, the HP-15C came first by a long margin.


Saturday 11th September 2010

11:00Doors Open
12:00New interfaces for old handhelds by Bruce Dickson
14:00The HP9836CU Desktop Computer by Tony Duell
15:00Tea break
15:30A one function two banger that whoops ass! by Hugh Steers
16:30Short break
16:45Bring back which calculator? by Wlodek
17:30Tea, coffee and packing up

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