Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

20th Anniversary Conference 2002

The HPCC 20th Anniversary Conference is now history. If you weren't lucky enough to attend you can use the conference registration form to apply for a copy of the conference proceedings. Photographs of the conference can be found on the web site of our sister club PCX (from

The book "RCL20 People, Dreams and HP Calculators" launched at the conference is now available from Wlodek or to purchase online. A full description, sample chapter and online purchasing details are available here.

Here are the details of what went on:


HPCC will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a two-day conference on September 21st-22th. For the benefit of people who want to come to London for only one day, most talks and presentations have been squeezed in between 10am and 6pm on Saturday - but there will plenty to do at other times.

Among the high points of the Conference will be:

The conference is a chance for HPCC members and visitors to hear talks and presentations about HP handhelds and calculators, and to make their own presentations. It is far more too - a chance to meet other members, and people from other clubs who share our interests. Equally, it is a chance to meet people from HP, to hear what they have to say, and to try to influence them. Each person attending will receive a printed copy of the conference proceedings.

The timetable shows what has already been arranged, and what is planned. You will see that there is still room for talks, so offers of talks, or suggestions of talks will be very welcome. Other ideas are also welcome - please contact

Registration Form

Online registration is available here.

Alternatively please print out one of the following registration forms and send or hand to the HPCC Treasurer.

In exceptional circumstances if you wish to register but have no way to send money with your registration, please email to arrange this.


HP's Worldwide Sales Manager for Calculators, Lee-Khuan Goh, is planning to attend the Conference and would much appreciate it if attendees could complete the following questionnaire in advance.

Please return to by 15th August.


Click here for the latest version of the conference timetable.

Conference Location

Click here for details of where the conference is to be held.

Programming Challenge

An HP48 programming contest is planned, details to be available on the web sites.


Food: There are a number of eateries within 10 minutes walk of IC; depending upon what is required a sandwich would cost less than 2 GBP. A hot lunchtime meal could be obtained for less than 10 GBP.

Overnight accommodation: IC accommodation may be viewed and booked here.

The cheapest local hotel accommodation is around 40 GBP for a single room, 50 pounds (with conference discount) for a twin room. Details here.

Proceedings: There will be a deadline for submission of these in order to take advantage of off peak printing charges.

Stands: If you would like to arrange a stand or display at the conference, please contact

For all other matters, check this site regularly, or if you can not find the information you need write to the chairman or secretary at their postal addresses given on the inside front cover of Datafile, or at their email addresses,, or A full list of the people organising the conference will be given on this web site in a few days.

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