Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings



HPCC Mini-Conference

Physics Common Room, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, London SW7

10th September 2011

The HPCC 2011 Mini-Conference took place in our usual London meeting room. Photographs (click for bigger versions) and the timetable are shown below.


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Tony Duell with fully working HP9866 being driven by HP71 prior to the printer being reduced to its component parts Disassembly begins... HP9866 schematics
Definitely not now in working condition Tony having disassembled the HP9866 showing an explanation of the 32 byte ROM containing the printer's finite state machine Wlodek, following on from last year's talk on which calculator to bring back, refreshing the audience on the features of the HP-15C in anticipation of the arrival of the HP-15C Limited Edition


Saturday 10th September 2011

11:00Doors Open
13:00 - 14:00World Calendars by Hugh Steers
14:20 - 15:35The HP9866 Printer by Tony Duell
16:15 - 17:05The HP-15C - A Short Refresher Course by Wlodek

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