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HP 39gII

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HP 39gII was a scientific graphing calculator aimed at the high school and college/university market. A continuation of the HP38/39/40 line, the 39gII was introduced in October 2011 and is the predecessor of the HP Prime. Programs written for the HP39gII can often be run with little modification on the Prime. The HP39gII differs from the HP40 and HP Prime in that it does not have a CAS and can consequently be used in a wider range of exams.

Principal Features

  • 80MHz ARM CPU
  • 256KB RAM (240KB available to user)
  • 128MB Flash ROM (80-105MB available to user)
  • 256x128 pixel gray-scale display
  • Takes 4 x AAA batteries but will run with just one
  • USB connectivity
  • Graphing Apps
  • Statistics Apps
  • Solver Apps
  • Explorer Apps
  • Geometry Apps
  • Spreadsheet Apps
  • Algebraic and textbook entry modes
  • Programming is in the 'HP Basic' (i.e. not BASIC) language introduced with the HP 38G
  • Included Accessories: Hard Cover, Quick Start Guide, CD (Connectivity Kit, Calculator Emulator and Quick Start Guide)

HP 39gII


The official HP 39gII Virtual Calulator for PC along with latest firmware and documentation is avaiable from


The HP39gII is still available at some outlets.


The latest HP 39gII documentation is avaiable from

HP 39gII Teacher Presentation by HP

Powerpoint presentation introducing the main features of the HP39gII.

HP 39gII User Guide by HP

The official HP User Guide for the HP 39gII.

Learning A Level Maths with an HP 39gII by Chris Olley

UK A Level maths examples explored with the HP39gII.

Maths Activities Pack by Chris Olley

Similar to the book above, but covering both the HP39gII and HP Prime.

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