Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

 November/December 2007

V26 N6 

Club Information  V26N6P2
Stop Press  V26N6P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV26N6P3
Members' Letters - HPCC2007 ConferenceGeneralRichard HookerV26N6P4
Cover Photo - the last HP-35HP-35Włodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N6P4
Cash flow analysis for the HP 35sHP35SMiguel Toro-AlvarezV26N6P5
Annual General Meeting 2007 MinutesGeneralBruce HorrocksV26N6P8
Chairman's Bytes - November-December 2007GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N6P14
17 Digits of π on the HP 12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV26N6P15
35s Double IntegralsHP35SFernando del ReyV26N6P16
HP48 to Mac CommunicationHP48Mark PowerV26N6P24
HP35s - Cause of Blank Screen Problem?HP35SJeff O.V26N6P27
Time Voyager RevisitedGeneralValentin AlbilloV26N6P28
Handhelds History - HP Jornada 540, 545, 547 & 548JornadaWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N6P31

 September/October 2007

V26 N5 

Club Information  V26N5P2
Stop Press  V26N5P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV26N5P3
Sub-waiving and HPCC accountsHPCCPeter GatenbyV26N5P4
"Crossnumber, anyone? - Solution"GeneralPeter GatenbyV26N5P5
Chairman's Bytes - September-October 2007GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N5P6
Henry HornObituaryJim HornV26N5P7
Accurate TVM for the HP 35sHP35SMiguel Toro-AlvarezV26N5P8
HP17BII+ ComparisonHP17BIIBruce HorrocksV26N5P10
HP Graphing Calculator Power ConsumptionHP50GEric RechlinV26N5P11
HP30S Firmware UpdateHP30SRodger RosenbaumV26N5P13
Other AnniversariesVariousTony DuellV26N5P14
HHC2007 Conference ReportGeneralMark RingroseV26N5P15
Conference Number Two and Counting!GeneralBruce HorrocksV26N5P17
HP Handhelds Conference 2007 in San DiegoGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N5P19
HP35s - Storing Lotsa Lotsa NumbersHP35SValentin AlbilloV26N5P20
100 Digits of π on the HP 12C Platinum (25thAn.)HP12CTony HutchinsV26N5P24
100 Digits of π on the HP 35SHP35STony HutchinsV26N5P27
Boldly Going ... Going Back to the RootsHP35SValentin AlbilloV26N5P28
HP Calculator History - HP Jornada 430 and 430seJornada 430Włodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N5P35
For SaleMiscWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N5P35

 July/August 2007

V26 N4 

Club Information  V26N4P2
Stop Press  V26N4P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV26N4P3
Members' Letters : Subscription waiving for Datafile contributionsGeneralPeter GatenbyV26N4P4
Members' Letters : Boldly Going - Identifying ConstantsGeneralBill ButlerV26N4P6
Members' Letters : Datafile Special IssueDatafileHoward OwenV26N4P7
Members' Letters : Datafile Special IssueDatafileJake SchwartzV26N4P7
Chairman's Bytes - July-August 2007GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N4P8
Museum posting re HPCC Club and Valentin AlbilloHPCCWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N4P9
The HP35s - It's OfficialHP35SJoe HornV26N4P10
35 Words (more or less)HP35SGene WrightV26N4P11
PA2B2 for the HP48HP48Jeremy HawdonV26N4P13
Store 2300+ numbers on an HP35sHP35SGene WrightV26N4P17
HP-35S Notes : Label BugHP35SPaul DaleV26N4P21
HP-35S Notes : Literal numbers v embedded constants in HP35S programsHP35SJoe HornV26N4P21
HP50g: USB PowerHP50GPeter GatenbyV26N4P22
Crossnumber, anyone?PuzzlePeter GatenbyV26N4P22
Efficient Stack Access on the HP35sHP35SGene WrightV26N4P23
Review of an Alternative HP48g/49g/50g GuideReviewWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N4P25
PCOEFHP49/50Rodger RosenbaumV26N4P27
Annuities Galore on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV26N4P29
HP Calculator History - the HP49GHP49GWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N4P31

 Special July 2007

V26 Special 

Club Information  V26SpecialP2
Stop Press  V26SpecialP2
EditorialHP35SBruce HorrocksV26SpecialP3
35 Words (or Less)HP35SGene WrightV26SpecialP3
HP35s Learning ModulesHP35SGene WrightV26SpecialP4
The HP 35sHP35SGene WrightV26SpecialP5
HP35s - Labels vs. Line NumbersHP35SGene WrightV26SpecialP13
PPC ROM Matrix Utilities for the HP35sHP35SGene WrightV26SpecialP15
A ComparisonHP35SBruce HorrocksV26SpecialP18
Using Vectors on the HP35sHP35SGene WrightV26SpecialP19
From HP-35A to HP35s in 35 yearsHP35SWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26SpecialP21

 May/June 2007

V26 N3 

Club Information  V26N3P2
Stop Press  V26N3P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV26N3P3
25 years!GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N3P4
Chairman's Bytes - May-June 2007GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N3P6
True-Type Font Keyset for the HP50GHP50GLuiz VieiraV26N3P7
The SMALL*BIG SpeedupHP50GJoe HornV26N3P9
'Safe' String Compiler for all HP48/49/50HP48-50John H. MeyersV26N3P10
HP48 Notes: Equation library on HP48GIIHP48Mike IngleV26N3P11
Repairing the new-type eject mechanism of the Sony full-height driveHardwareTony DuellV26N3P12
Investment Performance on the HP-12CHP12CTony HutchinsV26N3P15
HP Calculator History - HP6S and HP6S SolarHP6SWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N3P23

 March/April 2007

V26 N2 

Club Information  V26N2P2
Stop Press  V26N2P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV26N2P3
Members' Letters : HP35 Anniversary CelebrationsHP35Tony DuellV26N2P4
Members' Letters : 82001A/B Battery CoversHardwareDon ShafferV26N2P5
Chairman's Bytes - March-April 2007GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N2P6
Small Fry - Let's Be RationalHP-71BValentin AlbilloV26N2P7
Four HP49G/50G Bugs : Odd Manifestation of a CAS Flags IssueHP49/50Bruce HorrocksV26N2P9
Four HP49G/50G Bugs : Display BugHP49/50Joe HornV26N2P9
Four HP49G/50G Bugs : Units BugHP49/50Bruce HorrocksV26N2P10
Four HP49G/50G Bugs : ABS Graphical solution?HP49/50John H. MeyersV26N2P10
Inside the HP-35 - Physical ConstructionHP-35Tony DuellV26N2P11
Rappaport Shareholder Value on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV26N2P17
Continued Fractions ProgramsHP48/49Jeremy HawdonV26N2P18
Page by Page Viewer for HP49G[+]/50G/48GiiHP49/50John H. MeyersV26N2P20
A Logic Test for the HP-71BHP-71BPeter GatenbyV26N2P21
Boldly Going ... Identifying ConstantsHP-71BValentin AlbilloV26N2P24
Meeting Dates and Holidays on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV26N2P38
HP Calculator History - HP Jornada 680, 680e, 688 and 690JornadaWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N2P39

 January/February 2007

V26 N1 

Club Information  V26N1P2
Stop Press  V26N1P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV26N1P3
Members' Letters - The HP50g is OKHP50gPeter GatenbyV26N1P4
ChairbytesGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N1P5
Long Live The HP-35 !HP-35Valentin AlbilloV26N1P6
Repairing the eject mechanism of the full-height Sony 3.5" disk driveHardwareTony DuellV26N1P11
Boldly Going ... Matrix Square RootVariousValentin AlbilloV26N1P17
Deconstructing the Difference EngineGeneralHugh SteersV26N1P23
Small Fry - Primes A'countingVariousValentin AlbilloV26N1P35
GoferLists - Advanced List OperationsHP50gAlbert GräfV26N1P36
Bonds Galore on the HP-12CHP12CTony HutchinsV26N1P41
HP Calculator History - the HP-35 RevisitedHP-35Włodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV26N1P43

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