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Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

RCL40: Recollection, Reinvention and HP Calculators

RCL40 book cover

HPCC celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2022. 20 years since the publication of RCL20: People, Dreams & HP Calculators we once again wanted to celebrate our continuing enthusiasm for HP calculators and pocket computers, and reflect on not just the most recent 20 years and the amazing things that have happened, but recollect earlier times.

RCL40, published in time for the HPCC 2022 40th Anniversary Conference, includes stories from some of the people at HP who designed the calculators we cherish, as well as from club members and people around the world who have devised modern components to keep alive our curiosity and enhance our machines way beyond their original life expectancies.

How to buy RCL40

Update 22nd November 2023: Unfortunately the first print run of RCL40 has sold out. We are working with our printer on a second print run.

How to buy RCL20

RCL20 is available (again) to purchase online.


RCL40 contains references to URLs as explained on page vii, with the URLs themselves listed on page 249. We expected that over time these URLs would become out of date and indeed URL15 changed within a week of the book being printed. The most recent known web locations for the URL references in the book are shown in the table below.

URLLatest Link


RCL40 is split into four sections, along with an introduction, editor and contributor biographies, plus a comprehensive index.

RCL+20 Włodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz
The Naissance of the 3rd Generation William C. Wickes
My Walk Along the Hall of Fame Jim Donnelly
Single Chip Series 10 Chuck McCord
My Memories of the HP12C Cyrille de Brébisson
HP-20B / HP-30B / HP-40B Gene Wright
How HPCC Helped Me Marc Staps
How User Groups Influenced Hewlett-Packard Richard J. Nelson
Friendly Competition Dejan Ristanović
A Journey With Programmable Calculators Mark Power
My Experience with the HP 41C Edward Shore
Digital Archaeology
The Museum of HP Calculators Dave Hicks
Archiving the HP Handhelds User Groups Jake Schwartz Eric Rechlin Warren Furlow
Reverse Engineering & Repairing Handheld & Desktop Calculcators A. R. Duell
The Calculators That Wouldn't Die
Forty Years of the HP-41 Mark Power
The Story of The HEPAX Module Steen Petersen
MLDL2000 Meindert Kuipers
About Clonix and NoVRAMs Diego Díaz
Creating the 41CL Calculator Monte Dalrymple
Next Generation Modules for the HP-41 Platform Ángel M. Martin
Multimod Project Mark A. Fleming
HP-IL and Me Jean-François Garnier
25 Years of Calculator Emulators Christoph Gießelink
SwissMicros Bruce Horrocks
NewRPL – A New Version of a Classic Claudio Lapilli
A Little History of WP Calculators Walter Bonin

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