Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

 January 2021-December 2021

V37 N2 

Club Information  V37N2P2
Stop Press  V37N2P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV37N2P3
HP-41C Starseed Search - Frank WalesHP-41CJackie F. WolderingV37N2P4
Sum of Two Cubes on Free 42Free42Jeremy HawdonV37N2P11
On The StackFree42Jeremy HawdonV37N2P13
Prime Python RevisitedHP PrimeMark PowerV37N2P15
RSA Encryption on the HP50gHP50GMark PowerV37N2P16
HPCC Annual General Meeting 2021GeneralBruce HorrocksV37N2P19
Member's Letter - Chairman's Report for HPCC AGM 2021General Włodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV37N2P23
Member's Letter - Webmaster's Report for the HPCC AGM 2021General Mark PowerV37N2P25
Geometric AlgebraHP50GJeremy Hawdon & David HodgesV37N2P26
The 43S ProjectWP43SWalter BoninV37N2P32
Chairman's Bytes - January 2021 - December 2021GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV37N2P38
Chairman's Bytes - August 2020 - December 2020GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV37N2P39
Club ConstitutionHPCC V37N2P40
HHC 2021 VideosGeneralEric RechlinV37N2P43
HP Handhelds History - the HP10s+ and HP300s+HP10S+Włodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV37N2P45

 August 2020-December 2020

V37 N1 

Club Information   V37N1P2
Stop Press   V37N1P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV37N1P3
The new dfc and dfc2f functions in actionHP PrimeJoe HornV37N1P4
Prime Factorisation Revisited (Free42)Free42David HodgesV37N1P5
Free42: Eratosthenes SieveFree42Jeremy HawdonV37N1P10
Free42: Counting ProgramsFree42Jeremy HawdonV37N1P12
HPCC Annual General Meeting 2020GeneralBruce HorrocksV37N1P15
Chairman's Report for HPCC AGM 2020GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV37N1P18
Editor's Report for the 2020 AGMGeneralBruce HorrocksV37N1P19
Treasurer's Report for the 2020 AGMGeneralFrank KingswoodV37N1P19
Chaining of Extended Memory ModulesHP-41Godwin StewartV37N1P21 V37N1P37
DM41X - Savage and ROM CompatibilityDM41XMark PowerV37N1P38
HP Handhelds History - the HP39gIIHP39gIIWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV37N1P43

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