Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

 November/December 2008

V27 N6 

Club Information  V27N6P2
Stop Press  V27N6P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV27N6P3
Chairman's BytesGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N6P4
Squaring a Nested ListRPLWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N6P5
Challenge Responses: Squaring a nested listRPLJeremy HawdonV27N6P7
Challenge Responses: Squaring a nested listRPLBruce HorrocksV27N6P8
CorrectionGeneralBruce HorrocksV27N6P8
Four HP-12C Statistics programs without R0HP12CTony HutchinsV27N6P9
Using List Processing Commands on the HP50RPLJeremy HawdonV27N6P10
HP-41 EXT-IL-PLUS ModuleHP-41Christoph KlugV27N6P11
HP-41 I/O Board & IL2000 Interface SystemHP-41Christoph KlugV27N6P14
HHC2008 Programming ContestGeneralGene WrightV27N6P16
"Hewlett-Packard, Hand Held Computers, and Dennis York"GeneralDennis YorkV27N6P18
HP Handhelds History - the HP10BIIHP10BIIWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N6P31

 September/October 2008

V27 N5 

Club Information  V27N5P2
Stop Press  V27N5P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV27N5P3
Peter Farmer's BooksGeneralJoan FarmerV27N5P4
Chairman's Bytes - September-October 2008GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N5P5
HPCC AGM 2008 MinutesGeneralHugh SteersV27N5P6
Where are they now? Dave ConklinGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N5P11
Report on HHC 2008GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N5P12
HHC2008 Conference ReportGeneralMark RingroseV27N5P14
Stephen Lynch's Dynamical Systems with Applications using MathematicaReviewBruce DicksonV27N5P19
The Butlerian Challenges: [0] 1. * -< [0] ??HP50GBill ButlerV27N5P20
The Butlerian Challenges: Squaring a random listRPLBill ButlerV27N5P20
RPL Stack OperationsRPLBill ButlerV27N5P21
A Ten Day Cycle and M.C. on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV27N5P23
Versatility Of Small Full Dot Matrix DisplaysGeneralWalter BroninV27N5P25
Clearing VariablesRPLJeremy HawdonV27N5P26
HP Handhelds History - Jornada 560 seriesJ'nadaWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N5P27
For SaleGeneralBruce HorrocksV27N5P27

 July/August 2008

V27 N4 

Club Information  V27N4P2
Stop Press  V27N4P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV27N4P3
Notice of 2008 Annual General MeetingAGM V27N4P3
Hats LetterGeneralJeremy HawdonV27N4P4
Chairman's Bytes - July-August 2008GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N4P5
Where are they now? Diana ByrneGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N4P6
Finding m given i & i(m) on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV27N4P8
Megha Shyam - from hardware to software to peopleGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N4P9
The HP 20b Business Consultant as a development platformHP20BCyrille de BrébissonV27N4P11
HP Solvers - not one but manyVariousWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N4P18
Stack Parameter Check DownloadHP50GBruce HorrocksV27N4P20
Travelling Salesman ProblemCartoonwww.xkcd.comV27N4P29
UK Financial Projections on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV27N4P30
HP Handhelds History - Jornada 520 and 525JornadaWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N4P31
2008 Mini-ConferenceGeneral V27N4P31

 May/June 2008

V27 N3 

Club Information  V27N3P2
Stop Press  V27N3P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV27N3P3
HP-12C Date BugHP-12CTony HutchinsV27N3P4
Xbar puzzleHP-12CTony HutchinsV27N3P4
ChairbytesGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N3P5
RPL Stack ManipulationRPLBruce HorrocksV27N3P6
The HP 20b Business ConsultantHP20bGene WrightV27N3P8
The HP20b Calculator: A Missed Opportunity?HP20bJake SchwartzV27N3P17
How Good Calculators Could Be OrganizedGeneralWalter BoninV27N3P22
Random Hats PuzzleHP50GHugh SteersV27N3P29
Eric Vogel's Embedded ProcessorsGeneralEric VogelV27N3P32
HP StreamSmart 40GeneralHewlett PackardV27N3P34
HP Handhelds History - Jornada 720 and 710JornadaWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N3P35
For SaleGeneralGraham GibbsV27N3P35

 March/April 2008

V27 N2 

Club Information  V27N2P2
Stop Press  V27N2P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV27N2P3
Members' Letters - The Halo ArticleGeneralBill WickesV27N2P4
Members' Letters - Any HPCC input for a primary school math fair?GeneralBruce DicksonV27N2P5
Chairman's Bytes - March-April 2008GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N2P6
Optimizing the Calculator User Interface: A Little Clutter Can Go a Long WayGeneralJake SchwartzV27N2P7
Computus, The Date of EasterGeneralHugh SteersV27N2P16
Jim Donnelly's ChipsGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N2P21
HP-35S Index Register UtilityHP35SGene WrightV27N2P22
How Good Calculators Could LookVariousWalter BoninV27N2P23
HP 17bII+ Solver Problems and WorkaroundsHP17bII+Don ShepherdV27N2P33
Would Einstein have used one?VariousWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N2P35
HP Handhelds History - the HP39G and HP40GHP39/40GWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N2P39
For SaleHP48Włodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N2P39

 January/February 2008

V27 N1 

Club Information  V27N1P2
Stop Press  V27N1P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV27N1P3
Members' Letters - AGM ReportGeneralPeter GatenbyV27N1P3
Members' Letters - AGMGeneralValentin AlbilloV27N1P5
Chairman's Bytes - January-February 2008GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N1P7
Noe Tac Tic for the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV27N1P8
Keyboard Clutter, Keystroke Counts & Calculator MenusVariousJake SchwartzV27N1P9
Three SquaresHP49/50Jeremy HawdonV27N1P17
Solar Eclipses on the hp50ghp50gHugh SteersV27N1P18
One Reason Why There Is No Goto In RPLGeneralwww.xkcd.comV27N1P22
35s (and 42S) Complex IntegralsHP35sFernando del ReyV27N1P23
Bill Wickes' HaloGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N1P28
HP Handhelds History - the HP30SHP30SWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV27N1P31

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