Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

 November/December 1995

V14 N6 

Editorial and Club MattersGeneralRoger WileyV14N6P3
Chairman's BytesVariousWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N6P4
Summation and Reversal of DigitsHP48Ron CookV14N6P5
HP Calculator History - the HP-19CHP-19CWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N6P7
90o Rotation of GROBsHP48Marc StapsV14N6P8
Goodies Disk #10 - One line descriptions of filesHP48Joe HornV14N6P11
The Omnigo 700Omnigo 700HP PublicityV14N6P26
Meteorological Equations for SolverHP-95LX, HP200LXRoger WileyV14N6P27
The Handy Dandy Pocket DaemonGeneralJeremy SmithV14N6P30
A Faster FibonacciHP48J Roy GorsonV14N6P37
What is the Omnigo 100?Omnigo 100Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N6P38
Reciprocals of Prime NumbersHP48Ron CookV14N6P41
Do you remember?GeneralRoger WileyV14N6P42
Stop Press  V14N6P43
For Sale and Wanted  V14N6P43

 September/October 1995

V14 N5 

Editorial and Club MattersGeneralRoger WileyV14N5P3
Chairman's BytesVariousWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N5P4
AGM - Secretary's ReportGeneralRichard HookerV14N5P5
Members LettersGeneral V14N5P7
Erratum - HP48SX/GX Phantom DirectoriesHP48Ron CookV14N5P8
Book Review - A Guide to HP Handheld Calculators and computersGeneralMarc StapsV14N5P9
New Product - The Omnigo 100Omnigo 100HP PublicityV14N5P10
Omnigo 100 - Clip & GoOmnigo 100HP PublicityV14N5P15
Omnigo 100 - Strategy GamesOmnigo 100HP PublicityV14N5P15
Omnigo 100 - Users' MagazineOmnigo 100Thaddeus ComputingV14N5P16
HP Calculator History - the HP-01HP-01Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N5P19
An inside view of HHUC-95GeneralCraig FinsethV14N5P20
HPCC's 1995 mini-conferenceGeneralH Kulper & M StapsV14N5P28
HHUC 1997 ?General V14N5P30
Stop Press  V14N5P31
For Sale and Wanted  V14N5P31

 July/August 1995

V14 N4 

Editorial and Club MattersGeneral V14N4P1
Chairman's BytesVariousWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N4P2
Members' LettersGeneral V14N4P3
Keeping VAR Menu Labels in their placesHP48Ron CookV14N4P5
Self Generating EncoreHP48Bill ButlerV14N4P5
Same Name VariablesHP48Bill ButlerV14N4P6
Corrections to the HP48 HandbookHP48Jim DonnellyV14N4P7
An HP-25 or HP-25C GameHP-25, HP-25CGene WrightV14N4P9
Card ShufflersHP28, HP48Ron CookV14N4P10
HP Calculator History - A Guide for Collectors and HistoriansGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N4P11
HP Calculator History - The HP-92HP-92Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N4P12
Programming Feature (GX)HP48G/GXAlistair LangV14N4P12
Hung Memory RecoveryHP48Bill ButlerV14N4P13
Foreign MuttersGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N4P14
Conference, ConferenceGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N4P16
Unpurgeable Names and Unbreakable StringsHP48Ron CookV14N4P18
Palmtop PointersHP100LX, HP200LXWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N4P19
Wordsize ConfusionHP48Bill ButlerV14N4P20
'OFF' KeyHP48G/GXJ. Roy GorsonV14N4P20
Periodic Table for HP28SHP28SMartin PedersenV14N4P21
Prime Number GeneratorHP48J. Roy GorsonV14N4P27
Burning HP-41 Zeprom ModulesHP-41Chrisoph KlugV14N4P28
Spare the machine or spare the mindHP48, GeneralBill ButlerV14N4P30
HP48 NotesHP48Jeremy HawdonV14N4P32
STOP PRESS - HP Omnigo 100Omnigo 100 V14N4P33
For Sale and WantedGeneral V14N4P33

 May/June 1995

V14 N3 

Editorial and Club MattersGeneral V14N3P1
Chairman's BytesVariousWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N3P2
Members' LettersGeneral V14N3P4
Obituary - Oliver W H CondellGeneralColin CrowtherV14N3P4
Toggled ON/OFF for HP48HP48Ron CookV14N3P5
User Friendly TYPEHP48Alistair LangV14N3P5
Amsterdam Conference ReportGeneralWMJ & Rabin EzraV14N3P6
Days of the WeekHP48David HodgesV14N3P7
More HP38GHP38GWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N3P8
HP42S Comments & adaptation of 41 constant arithmeticHP42SR D KendonV14N3P9
Equation Library Card (Version A) can corrupt GX memoryHP48Alistair LangV14N3P11
HP48SX/GX Blank Menu LabelsHP48Ron CookV14N3P12
Entering Program Branches in the Command LineHP48Alistair LangV14N3P14
HP48GX ProtectionHP48Ron CookV14N3P15
HP48SX/GX Phantom DirectoriesHP48Ron CookV14N3P16
Measuring the Efficiency of HP48 ProgramsHP48David FabianiV14N3P18
HP48SX/GX Self-PURGEing ProgramsHP48Ron CookV14N3P23
HP48 NotesHP48Jeremy HawdonV14N3P24
How RAND WorksHP48S Van DeVender & D MuellerV14N3P25
HP Calculator History - the HP-10HP-10Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N3P26
Obvious to Some...HP48Bill ButlerV14N3P26
"True" ABS Command for Real Arrays - 1-D or 2-DHP48Alistair LangV14N3P27
HP1000CX ReviewHP1000CXWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N3P28
System RPL - Jim Donnelly's Book - the Best!HP48, GeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N3P30
Great SYSEVALs of Our Time - Part 3 or 'MAXR'HP48Tony DuellV14N3P31
Matrix-to-Row Vectors - and BackHP48Alistair LangV14N3P32
Iterated Function Systems (IFS) Fractals for HP48HP48Alistair LangV14N3P33
For Sale and WantedGeneral V14N3P36
Introducing the new HP38GAdvertisementTuscan Consultants LtdV14N3P37

 March/April 1995

V14 N2 

Editorial and Club MattersGeneral V14N2P1
Chairman's BytesVariousWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N2P2
Members' LettersGeneral V14N2P3
HP Introduces New Graphic CalculatorHP38GHPV14N2P4
The HP38G - A PreviewHP38GWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N2P6
BATTS.DOC - The Truth At LastHP48Joe HornV14N2P8
BATTS.DOC - Part 2HP48Steve VanDevenderV14N2P9
A Multitasking Question AnsweredHP48Joe HornV14N2P11
HP Calculator History - The HP-29CHP-29CWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N2P11
Write Protection for HP48SX/GX VariablesHP48Ron CookV14N2P12
Terminating Hung Programs & Recovering MemoryHP48Alistair LangV14N2P13
Fixing TDS' RAM CardHP48Alistair LangV14N2P14
4-way - 4-way Serial Cable (+ Ed Note on cables)HP48Alistair LangV14N2P15
The HP-16C Emulator Library - Some InfoHP48Jake SchwartzV14N2P16
Memory Recovery - What When & HowHP48Joe HornV14N2P18
Synthetic Programming with HP-41 & CCD-ModuleHP-41Christoph KlugV14N2P19
A Date with a '48HP48Ron CookV14N2P20
Useful Resets, Monitors & Other ThingsHP48Dave WalkerV14N2P21
REVLISTHP48G/GXAlistair LangV14N2P22
Changing Flags In HP48G/GX Input FormsHP48G/GXAlistair LangV14N2P23
Time Adjust Commands for the HP48G/GXHP48G/GXAlistair LangV14N2P24
Fractions on the HP48HP48Jeremy HawdonV14N2P25
Unix for your HP200LXHP200LX V14N2P29
A Short Tip on HP48 EditingHP48Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N2P29
HP48GX List Commands for HP48SX and HP28SHP28, HP48Ron CookV14N2P30
Wishful Thinking - a Bigger HP200GeneralStephen WaltersV14N2P31
Archiving to RAM Card (Port 3) on the HP48HP48Joe HornV14N2P32
HP Sets a Bad Example For BeginnersHP48G/GXPeter EmbreyV14N2P33
For Sale and WantedGeneral V14N2P33

 Jan/Feb 1995

V14 N1 

Editorial and Club MattersGeneralDatafile EditorV14N1P1
Chairman's BytesVariousWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N1P3
HPCC Accounts for 1994General V14N1P4
HP Calculator History - the HP-95CHP-95CWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N1P5
Warning about N size batteriesGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N1P6
What's in a name - HP48G/GXHP48G/GXThe No ZoneV14N1P6
I Can't "C" Clearly NowGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N1P7
HP Calculator History - the HP-67HP-67Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N1P8
Principal Roots on the HP48HP48Joseph K HornV14N1P10
Teachers Wanted!GeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N1P10
A Competition ChallengeHP48Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N1P11
HP Calculator History - the HP-97HP-97Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N1P12
Changing the size of PICT on the HP48SX/GXHP48SX/GXThe No ZoneV14N1P12
An Alarming ThoughtHP-41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N1P13
Quick QuestionsHP48Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV14N1P14
Mechanical Repairs to HP-41 and other modelsHP-41, GeneralThe No ZoneV14N1P15
Warning! STAT Applications can wipe memoryHP48G/GXJoseph K HornV14N1P16
Infrequently-used programsHP48Ron CookV14N1P17
ON + SPACE (Coma Mode) for HP48HP48Joseph K HornV14N1P18
Recurrences, Primes, Determinants and DNAHP48Ron CookV14N1P19
The Thursday Question for the HP48HP48Joseph K HornV14N1P20
HP100/200 Frequently Asked QuestionsHP100LX, HP200LXRichard CochranV14N1P21
"TOCODE" Program by Emeric VernatHP48Joseph K HornV14N1P24
Exponential, Logarithmic or Power Curve FitHP15CMartin PedersenV14N1P26
How to Purge a Library with ID<100HP48Joseph K HornV14N1P28
Long Answers to Short Questions about Entry PointsHP48Joseph K HornV14N1P29
How to Shuffle a Deck/Pack of CardsHP48Joseph K HornV14N1P31
For Sale and WantedGeneral V14N1P31

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