Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

 December 1992

V11 N7/8 

Editorial & Club MattersGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N7/8P1
Mark Cracknell 1951-1992ObituaryWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N7/8P4
SnowstormHP48J. Roy GorsonV11N7/8P6
A Thought ExperimentGeneralRon CookV11N7/8P6
Prophecy by Computer?GeneralA. ObbaV11N7/8P7
What's What In Handhelds!GeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N7/8P8
Member's LetterGeneralRon CookV11N7/8P16
Solstices and Equinoxes for the HP95LXHP95LXLes FinchV11N7/8P17
28/48 Miscellany - Simple Linear ProgrammingHP28, HP48Ron CookV11N7/8P19
The HPCC44T ProjectGeneralDavid HodgesV11N7/8P20
28/48 Miscellany - HP48 Keyboard Typing AidsHP48Ron CookV11N7/8P26
HP42S Chi-Square DistributionHP42SDavid HodgesV11N7/8P27
48 and IEEE - a Tale of Two Number FormatsHP48Julia WebbV11N7/8P28
Comments on the Area of a Triangle ChallengeHP48Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N7/8P32
Q & AGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N7/8P36
Multi-Tasking on the HP48...?HP48Aaron LambertV11N7/8P36
Moon Phase for the HP48SXHP48Les FinchV11N7/8P54
A Phase of the Moon Program for the HP32SIIHP32SIICraig FinsethV11N7/8P55
Conference FalloutGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N7/8P57
The Anniversary Conference - What Actually Happened!GeneralTony DuellV11N7/8P58
HP48 Latest!HP48Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N7/8P59
28/48 Miscellany - Efficiency versus ExplicitnessHP28, HP48Ron CookV11N7/8P59
Datafile NowGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N7/8P60
We Don't Just Sell HP95s!AdvertTuscan ConsultantsV11N7/8P61
Conference CaptionsGeneral V11N7/8P61

 November 1992

V11 N6 

EditorialGeneral V11N6P1
"Rough Guide" to the Anniversary ConferenceGeneralDavid HodgesV11N6P3
HPCC 1992 AGMGeneralDavid HodgesV11N6P8
Back to BasicsHP48John OlwochV11N6P14
All Over?GeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N6P18
Sunrise, Transit, SunsetHP48SXJan Van StrattenV11N6P19
Matrix Invert and Matrix MultiplyHP95LXLes FinchV11N6P21
Members' LetterGeneralEric ToonenV11N6P24
Introducing the HP5071A Atomic ClockGeneralRon CookV11N6P25
HP95LX to HPIL InterfaceHP95LXLew ThomasV11N6P26
4 Programs You Must HaveHP95LXRoger WileyV11N6P27
Get It CoveredHP48Clifford WylieV11N6P32
The HP94 Story - Audax CorporationHP94Craig FinsethV11N6P33
Compiling Names Into Local EnvironmentsHP48David FabianniV11N6P42
Chairmans' BytesGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N6P45
Leaving A Loop - HP48 StyleHP48Mark AdlerV11N6P47
Wanted/For SaleGeneral V11N6P48

 July/August 1992

V11 N5 

EditorialGeneral V11N5P1
The Collect 94 LanguageHP94Craig FinsethV11N5P3
Members LettersGeneral V11N5P6
28/48 MiscellanyHP28, HP48Ron CookV11N5P9
The Anniversary Conference - Almost There!GeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N5P13
The Anniversary Conference - The TimetableGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N5P14
The Anniversary Conference - Almost There (Part II)!GeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N5P16
Bernie Musch - A TributeGeneralDave ConklinV11N5P17
The Challenge - 5 Years OnHP48Mark Cracknell, Bob PullardV11N5P18
What's New for the HP48?HP48Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N5P20
Experiments with Benford's LawGeneralRon CookV11N5P21
Sparcom Personal Information Manager CardHP48SXAaron LambertV11N5P22

 June 1992

V11 N4 

EditorialGeneral V11N4P1
Chairman's BytesGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N4P2
Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheets - PerformanceHP95LXLes FinchV11N4P3
Some HP95LX Questions AnsweredHP95LXEverett KaserV11N4P6
Random RainHP48SXPeter GatenbyV11N4P7
AstroNut - A Game for the HP48SXHP48SXKevin JessupV11N4P9
Assorted Tips and TricksHP48SXJames WeisbinV11N4P14
The Challenge - 5 Years On!HP48SXMark CracknellV11N4P15
Event Numbering and Timing with HP28S/48S/48SXHP28S, HP48S, HP48SXBob IrvingV11N4P19
Period of a Recurring DecimalHP48SXJeremy HawdonV11N4P20
Admiralty Simplified Harmonic Method of Tidal PredictionHP48SXLes FinchV11N4P21
Lightning SurgesHP28S, HP48SXRon CookV11N4P25
HP48 MiscellanyHP48SXRon CookV11N4P27
20MB Flash RAM The Size of a Credit Card - Fact or Fiction?HP95LXEverett KaserV11N4P30
The Anniversary ConferenceGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N4P31
HP48 In and Out - Part 10HP48SXJohn BruceV11N4P32
An Intriguing HP48SX ChallengeHP48SXTed W. BeersV11N4P34
95 SuggestionsHP95LXWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N4P35
For Sale/WantedGeneral V11N4P37

 April/May 1992

V11 N3 

EditorialGeneral V11N3P1
The Challenge Corner - 5 Years OnHP48S/SXMark CracknellV11N3P3
HP48 In and Out - Part 9HP48S/SXJohn BruceV11N3P4
Automatic Garbage Collection for the HP Solve Equation Library CardHP48SXRon CookV11N3P6
Solstices & EquinoxesHP48S/SXDavid HodgesV11N3P7
Controlling A Model Railway with an HP48SXHP48SXBob PullardV11N3P9
Members' LettersGeneral V11N3P14
The Anniversary ConferenceGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N3P16
Another Calendar for the HP48SXHP48SXDavid FabianniV11N3P17
HP28S/48SX Menus - Fact and FancyHP28S, HP48SXBob IrvingV11N3P18
28/48 MiscellanyHP28, HP48Ron CookV11N3P21
Numerical Solution Of Ordinary Differential EquationsHP48SXJeremy HawdonV11N3P25
HP48S or HP48SX?HP48S/SXDavid Hodges, Peter EmbreyV11N3P26
The Collect-94 Development SystemHP94Craig FinsethV11N3P27
Prime DecompositionHP48SXPeter GatenbyV11N3P30
Memory CardsHP48SXSteve HarperV11N3P33
For Sale/WantedGeneral V11N3P35
The 15 PuzzleGeneralJohn OlwochV11N3P35
Pocket ModemHP95LXSteve HarperV11N3P36

 March 1992

V11 N2 

EditorialGeneral V11N2P1
Palmtop Language TranslatorsHP95LXGraeme CawseyV11N2P3
The Christie HandydiskHP48Mark PowerV11N2P5
Making WavesHP48Ron CookV11N2P14
HP48 MiscellanyHP48Ron CookV11N2P17
Conference InformationGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N2P19
1991 AccountsGeneral V11N2P20
4 M-Code GamesHP41G. VallanceV11N2P23
Variable Size PeekHP48David FabianiV11N2P31
More on Extended Precision ArithmeticHP28, HP48Jeremy HawdonV11N2P40
Sales and WantsGeneral V11N2P43

 Jan/Feb 1992

V11 N1 

EditorialGeneral V11N1P1
No Key Computerised CryptosystemHP48SXJ. Roy GorsonV11N1P3
Freya - An EMACS for the HP95LXHP95LXCraig FinsethV11N1P5
BatteriesHP28, HP48Ron CookV11N1P6
A Brief Question About the HP95LXHP95LXEverett KaiserV11N1P7
The HP42S LivesHP42SChris BunsenV11N1P8
Lost Orders and Other Timely MattersGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N1P9
A Real Portable 3.5" Disk Drive for your HP95LXHP95LXRoger WileyV11N1P10
Members' LettersGeneral V11N1P13
95 SuggestionsHP95LXWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N1P16
The Incentive Scheme - 1992General V11N1P19
1-D Cellular AutomataHP48SXPeter GatenbyV11N1P20
Symbolic Math on the HP48SX and HP28SHP28S, HP48SXPhilippe HeilbronnV11N1P22
The HP94 - A Posthumous ReviewHP94Craig FinsethV11N1P24
The Anniversary ConferenceGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV11N1P28
For SaleGeneral V11N1P29

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