Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

 December 1991

V10 N8 

Long Graphs - HP48SX & HP82240B PrinterHP48SXRon CookV10N8P3
Distribution/System Performance ProgramsHP48SXLes FinchV10N8P4
Useful SYSEVALSHP48SXJoe HornV10N8P7
Alpha Reverse and Alpha Right JustifyHP41Frans P. De VriesV10N8P8
Converting Algebraic Expressions to RPNHP28Jeremy HawdonV10N8P10
Day Number Routines using Integer ArithmeticHP95LXCraig FinsethV10N8P16
Model Train SpeedsHP48SXBob PulluardV10N8P19
Polynomial RegressionHP48SXDavid HodgesV10N8P21
List of books on/for calculatorsGeneralBob PulluardV10N8P23
Lunch, The HP WayGeneralStephen Harrison & Noel MageeV10N8P30
Continued Fractions Revisited: Problems and SolutionsHP28/48David Hodges & Peter EmbreyV10N8P33
HP95LX Memory LostHP95LXEverett KaserV10N8P37
HP28/48 FAQsHP28/48Jeremy SmithV10N8P38
GOTOs for the HP48SXHP48SXCraig FinsethV10N8P39
For sale/wantedGeneral V10N8P41

 October/November 1991

V10 N7 

Sparcom Mechanical Engineering Reference CardHP48SXJames WeisbinV10N7P3
HP44T CommentsHP44TFrans P. De VriesV10N7P5
Functionality versus adaptability or Swiss Army Calculators and Socket Set CalculatorsGeneralSimon BradshawV10N7P6
The HP28S - A Ciritcal ReviewHP28SMike A. ClarkeV10N7P9
Pascal's FractalsHP48SXRon CookV10N7P14
The Annual General MeetingGeneralDavid HodgesV10N7P15
Toggled Program ControlsHP28SRon CookV10N7P17
Toggles Program Controls: An UpdateHP48SXRon CookV10N7P18
First Thoughts on HP95LXHP95LXDaniel RihoyV10N7P18
On-line Conference on CompuserveGeneralBrian WalshV10N7P23
For SaleGeneral V10N7P29

 September 1991

V10 N6 

Power Consumption Statistics for the HP28HP28Robert Peraino & Scott HutchinsonV10N6P3
More UtilitiesHP48SXConrad WinchesterV10N6P7
Dead ReckoningHP48SXLes FinchV10N6P11
Fast Fourier TransformsHP28/48Jurgen BosV10N6P13
Jaguar SpotsHP95LXJeremy SmithV10N6P13
Corvallis '91GeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV10N6P15
Is the HP71 obsolete?HP71Aurel RottmanV10N6P21
Merging and Sorting Lists (A Fast Sort for RPL Machines)HP28/48David FabianniV10N6P22
HP48 Pause with Stack DisplayHP48SXJake SchwartzV10N6P24
Focal Plus - The Language for Real Handheld HackersGeneralSimon BradshawV10N6P25
Quarter Permutations for "Wallpaper" PatternsHP28/48Glen BrownV10N6P29
Sort the digits of a mantissa of a numberHP41Richard KendonV10N6P37

 July/August 1991

V10 N5 

Sunrise, Sunset and TransitHP48SXLes FinchV10N5P3
A member's letterHP28/48David HodgesV10N5P4
TDS 512K RAM CardHP48SXBrian WalshV10N5P5
CalendarHP48SXNeil MatthewV10N5P7
More about PolynomialsHP28SRon CookV10N5P9
TraceHP48SXLee BuckV10N5P11
HP48 Graphics SeminarHP48SXRoger WileyV10N5P13
HP44T Project - The Operating System DebateHP44TDavid HodgesV10N5P14
Units ComparisonHP48SXBill WickesV10N5P15
The Chairman's NewsGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV10N5P16
MATCHHP48SXJeremy HawdonV10N5P19
Graphics EditorHP48SXJohn OlwochV10N5P19
Two Simple UtilitiesHP48SXJurgen BosV10N5P39
For saleGeneral V10N5P40

 June 1991

V10 N4 

HP Kermit RevealedHP48Mark PowerV10N4P3
HP Handhelds of the 1980sGeneralDan AllenV10N4P5
HP95LX Palmtop PCHP95LXHPV10N4P15
RPL or FOCAL+HP44TDavid Hodges & Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV10N4P18
Finding a PolynomialHP28Ron CookV10N4P22
Reverse the order of Digits of an IntegerHP41Richard KendonV10N4P24
Utilities and IdeasHP48SXConrad WinchesterV10N4P25
The Incentive SchemeGeneralMark CracknellV10N4P27
ASCII Encoding ObjectsHP48SXBill WickesV10N4P28
Book Sales, AgainGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV10N4P30
Time Value of MoneyHP28/48David HodgesV10N4P31
x and F and F(x)HP48SXBill WickesV10N4P33
More Fractions on the HP32SIIHP32SIIStephen ThomasV10N4P35
HP48 In and OutHP48SXJohn BruceV10N4P36

 April/May 1991

V10 N3 

A Better KeyboardHP48SXDavid Hodges & Peter EmbreyV10N3P3
Dates RevisitedHP28/48David Fabiani & David HodgesV10N3P8
UP Key for Built-In MenusHP48SXJake SchwartzV10N3P12
Integration by PartsHP48SXJeremy HawdonV10N3P14
HP CodenamesGeneralBob ArmstrongV10N3P15
Love at First SightHP95LXWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV10N3P17
The HP95LXHP95LXRoger WileyV10N3P19
Temperature Addition & Subtraction Programs for Engineering UseHP48SX V10N3P21
A Member's LetterGeneralRon CookV10N3P28
Confessions of an Ex-Calculator OwnerGeneralSimon BradshawV10N3P29
Sinusoidal/Linear InterpolationHP48SXLes FinchV10N3P31
The HP32SII - RPN, Algebraics and Fractions TooHP32SIIWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV10N3P33
HP48 In and Out - Volume 7HP48SXJohn BruceV10N3P34
A MiscellanyGeneral V10N3P37

 March 1991

V10 N2 

Hexatom GameHP48SXJurgen BosV10N2P3
HP48 In and OutHP48SXJohn BruceV10N2P8
Non-Erasable VariablesHP48SXIb JorgensonV10N2P9
The No ZoneGeneralMarck CracknellV10N2P10
Bank BalanceHP48SXJeremy HawdonV10N2P12
Improved Stack View RoutineHP48SXJake SchwartzV10N2P13
Change One Row or Column of a Matrix using HP41 Advantage ModuleHP41Richard KendonV10N2P14
Circle DrawingHP48Mark PowerV10N2P15
Editing a Program within a StringHP28Jean-Claude HentschV10N2P17
HPCC AccountsGeneralJohn ColeV10N2P18
MastermindHP48SXNeil MatthewV10N2P21
HP41CV Emulator CardHP48SXStephen ThomasV10N2P25
Datafile Backnumber AvailabilityGeneralJohn ColeV10N2P30
A Quick Peek Inside the HP42SHP42SJeremy SmithV10N2P31
Programmable OFFHP28CStephen ThomasV10N2P32
For SaleGeneral V10N2P33

 Jan/Feb 1991

V10 N1 

LEXF90HP71Mark CracknellV10N1P2
3D Noughts and CrossesHP48SXJohn OlwochV10N1P3
HPIL Addressing - The AAU ModeHP41Mike MarkovV10N1P13
Chi Square DistributionHP42SDavid HodgesV10N1P16
New Product Announcement - PC Link IIHP48SXMark EllisV10N1P19
Typographical Errors in the HP48SX Manual - Part 2HP48SXHP BBSV10N1P20
Programmable OFF RevisitedHP28SRon CookV10N1P23
Menus with Blank KeysHP28SJean-Claude HentschV10N1P24
Tide RateHP48SXLes FinchV10N1P25
HP48 In and OutHP48SXJohn BruceV10N1P26
Compact Data StorageHP48SXJim DonellyV10N1P29
Remainder on Division for Very Large NumbersHP48SXJeremy HawdonV10N1P32

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