Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

 December 1986

V5 N8 

New product reviewGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV5N8P4
Book Review - HP41 Mcode For BeginnersHP41Rabin EzraV5N8P4
CirclesHP41Mark CracknellV5N8P5
The IslandHP75Roger WileyV5N8P6
Keeping an HP71 in suspenseHP71Nick ReidV5N8P8
Patch for ESMLDL-OSHP41Rabin EzraV5N8P9
Auto Loop Power DownHP41Rabin EzraV5N8P9
Structured ProgrammingHP41Simon BradshawV5N8P10
Swap DisksGeneralMark CracknellV5N8P11
Sorting Data RegistersHP41F. ChiariniV5N8P12
Line Through Two PointsHP41F. ChiariniV5N8P12
Normal DistributionHP15David HodgesV5N8P13
Section PropertiesHP41R. CareyV5N8P14
Another user's impressions of the HP82490A Translator PacHP71Alan ChristianV5N8P18
More about imitating HP41 Native FunctionsHP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV5N8P22
Using SOLVE and INTEG with the Advantage ModuleHP41Les Finch and Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV5N8P24
AUTOSTHP75Martin JohnsonV5N8P27
Challenge CornerHP41Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz and Robin BelfordV5N8P28
Datafile Index V1N1 to V5N8GeneralMark CracknellV5N8P29
AlarmlexHP71M. MichaelV5N8P31

 November 1986

V5 N7 

71 LessonsHP71Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV5N7P4
Sugar, SugarGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV5N7P5
Towards a HP16C simulation on the HP41HP41Simon FordV5N7P7
Computations with FractionsHP41Ruys DirkV5N7P9
String HandlingHP41Mark PowerV5N7P9
Addresses and NumbersHP71Mark CracknellV5N7P10
MatermindHP41Peter GatenbyV5N7P12
Double Coordinate P/R ConversionsHP41John HartlandV5N7P16
Challenge CornerHP41Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz and Simon BradshawV5N7P17
Dieting ProgramHP41Les FinchV5N7P18
Treble Chance PoolsHP41F. ChiariniV5N7P20
Structural Utility ProgramsHP41R. A. TuckerV5N7P20
HP9114 Disk Wear: HP75 programs to find outHP75Roger WileyV5N7P22
Income TaxHP75John DoeV5N7P23
Everett's Interpolation FormulaHP41M. F. MooreV5N7P26
PrimeHP41M. F. MooreV5N7P26
Results of that questionnaireGeneralMark CracknellV5N7P27

 October 1986

V5 N6 

1986 Mini-Conference ReportGeneral V5N6P6
HP71 EPROMSHP71Graeme CawseyV5N6P8
Storing Key Assignments in EM with ZENROMHP41Simon BradshawV5N6P10
Text files: moving blocks of textHP75Roger WileyV5N6P12
NOP * NOP  V5N6P14
Distance abeam and Distance offHP41Les FinchV5N6P15
Assigning files in a functionHP75John HarrisV5N6P16
ROM users column: how modules interactHP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV5N6P17
Pharmacokinetics for a first order profileHP41G. OggV5N6P24
Memory Information and Restore & Clear all EMHP41R. DirkV5N6P29
Financial Calculations for Keyboard useHP41Richard KendonV5N6P30
Base ConversionsHP41Richard KendonV5N6P31
Re-assigning the Byte GrabberHP41Ruys DirkV5N6P31
Rapid Tape DirectoryHP75K. GrahamV5N6P32
ERAMCO MLDL operating system bugHP41Mark PowerV5N6P35
Permutations, Combinations and Binomial ProbabilityHP41David HodgesV5N6P36
Swap DisksGeneralMark CracknellV5N6P36
Discounted Cash FlowsHP41M. F. MooreV5N6P37
Gaussian 3 point quadratureHP41M. F. MooreV5N6P37
Forth Unit ConversionsHP71Alan ChristianV5N6P38
Fruit Machine GameHP41Brian WardV5N6P39
INVACOLEHP41, HP71, HP75Mark CracknellV5N6P41
Call Any ProgramHP41Ruys DirkV5N6P43

 September 1986

V5 N5 

ZenwandHP71 V5N5P5
Calculations with Day NumbersHP41Brian SteelV5N5P8
How many bytes?HP41F. ChiariniV5N5P8
Choosing your plug-insHP41, HP71, HP75Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV5N5P9
Re-review of ZENROMHP41John BruceV5N5P12
TimesettingHP71Mark CracknellV5N5P13
The CCD ROMHP41Mike MarkovV5N5P14
Timer chimesHP41Terry StancliffeV5N5P18
Users impression of the Translator ROMHP71D. HallV5N5P19
Playing with plug-insHP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV5N5P24
Programming with LOADP, CLPR (RSU Unit)HP41John BruceV5N5P29
TabulatorHP71Mark CracknellV5N5P29
The Vertical CurveHP71Mark CracknellV5N5P31
A Constantly Recurring ProblemHP41Simon BradshawV5N5P33
The DAVID-ASSEM EPROM setHP41Rabin EzraV5N5P35
Memory InformationHP41Dirk RuysV5N5P37
Synthetic Simultaneous EquationsHP41D. DrabbleV5N5P37
Treble Chance Pools selectionHP41Les FinchV5N5P38
A BugHP41F. ChiariniV5N5P38
Extended File HandlingHP41John BruceV5N5P39
Calculation of Lunar PhasesHP41Brian SteelV5N5P41
Quarter and Hour ChimesHP41Brian SteelV5N5P41
Appellation "HP41" ControlleGeneralAnonV5N5P42
Whither goest thou Datafile?GeneralMark CracknellV5N5P43

 July/August 1986

V5 N4 

New products  V5N4P3
Reading Barcode  V5N4P4
ERAMCO RSU-Data structure and configurationHP41John BruceV5N4P5
Mcode BranchHP41S. CraneV5N4P7
Two Straight CirclesHP71Mark CracknellV5N4P8
Unit ConversionHP71Alan ChristianV5N4P10
Parabolic RegressionHP41David HodgesV5N4P11
Telephone Call CostingHP75D. BoothV5N4P14
Improved telephone timerHP41Mike TissingtonV5N4P15
Mass memory directoryHP71, HP75Mark CracknellV5N4P16
ConversionsHP41Thomas ValereV5N4P17
Loop IdentificationHP75Mark CracknellV5N4P17
GroupsHP75Peter KokolV5N4P18
The PANAME ModuleHP41Mark WildingV5N4P19
ROM Users Column: Datasort with ADVANTAGE ROMHP41Simon BradshawV5N4P20
Sorting with the ADVANTAGE ROMHP41John BruceV5N4P23
Finance for HP41: APR to True interestHP41Les FinchV5N4P23
41CX - sigmaREG?HP41John BruceV5N4P23

 May/June 1986

V5 N3 

Translator Page PrintHP71Mark CracknellV5N3P4
The Nav Pac or a ROM for all reasonsHP41Colin CrowtherV5N3P5
Two useful HP41 routinesHP41Mark CracknellV5N3P5
COMANALHP75Peter KokolV5N3P6
Search functions and timingsHP75Peter KokolV5N3P7
Certain Utility FilesHP71John BakerV5N3P8
A Calendar for HP11CHP11CDavid HodgesV5N3P10
What day is it?HP75David BoothV5N3P11
Pack BugsHP41, HP71, HP75Mike MarkovV5N3P12
Organic compound molecular massesHP41Simon BradshawV5N3P13
Alarm ControlHP75David BoothV5N3P14
What good is this thing called an Assembler?HP71John BakerV5N3P14
The Advantage ROMHP41Sherman LowellV5N3P18
Programmatic UserHP71Graeme CawseyV5N3P22
Challenge CornerHP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV5N3P22
InterpolationHP41Paul BrowningV5N3P25
Programme IndexGeneralMark CracknellV5N3P28

 March/April 1986

V5 N2 

Quadratic SolutionHP41 V5N2P5
PAYEHP75John DoeV5N2P6
PLISTERHP71Donald HallV5N2P7
Extra memory for the HP41HP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV5N2P8
DSP and ARTHP41Mark CracknellV5N2P12
How random are those RND?HP75Peter KokolV5N2P13
Including XROM in a programHP41Gilbert TisserandV5N2P16
PANAME reviewHP4119V5N2P17
Multiple IntegrationHP4119V5N2P19
Screen Scroll BugHP41Mark PowerV5N2P19
Advantage ROM Matrix buffer and header formatHP41John BruceV5N2P20
Correction to V5N1HP41John BruceV5N2P20
Displaying ASCII charactersHP41Arjunaidi JamaludinV5N2P21
Area of a segmentHP4136V5N2P21
The horizontal curveHP71Mark CracknellV5N2P22
71 to 41 Translator ModuleHP41C. NuttV5N2P24
Short HP41 utility routinesHP41Richard KendonV5N2P25
Exchanging data with extended memoryHP41Richard KendonV5N2P25
Poking the HP71: part 2HP71Graeme CawseyV5N2P26

 Jan/Feb 1986

V5 N1 

Football PoolsHP71, HP75John DoeV5N1P4
HP75C comparison with other microsHP75Peter KokolV5N1P4
Remark LinesHP75Peter KokolV5N1P5
HP41 Boot FileHP41John BruceV5N1P6
Extending the 41 Stat-PacHP41Terry StancliffeV5N1P7
Reading ASCII files from tapeHP41Mark PowerV5N1P9
Monte-Carlo SamplingHP41Robert WoodhouseV5N1P9
Using your functionsHP41Simon BradshawV5N1P10
Quadratic EquationHP41Ulf ZieckerV5N1P11
File Name SortHP71Mark CracknellV5N1P12
HP-IL Loop IdentificationHP71Mark CracknellV5N1P13
Moving StatisticsHP71Mark CracknellV5N1P13
Advantage ROM ReviewHP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV5N1P15
No ClicksHP41Peter GatenbyV5N1P17
Advantage ROM ReviewHP41Simon BradshawV5N1P18
UPDATE ProgramHP71David JohnsonV5N1P20
Progam length and locationHP41John BruceV5N1P21
Prompt and Print/Display RoutineHP41Richard TuckerV5N1P22
Alpha Flag RoutinesHP4119V5N1P22

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