Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

 November/December 1983

V2 N5 

Non-synthetic Byte Grabber Assignment Program - Part 3HP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV2N5P3
Sequences of strictly increasing digitsHP41Peter GatenbyV2N5P6
Results pendingHP41Peter GatenbyV2N5P8
HP75 System BugsHP75David BurchV2N5P9
Review of HP75 VisicalcHP75Neville JosephV2N5P10
HP75 Visicalc - Part 2HP75David BurchV2N5P11
HP41C/CV Theory Of OperationHP41R. HellbuschV2N5P13
PermutationsHP41Peter GatenbyV2N5P22
Quarter Hour ChimesHP41Mark WildingV2N5P22
Inside the HP-75C (Photographs)HP75David BurchV2N5P23
Polynomial Best FitHP41Julian PerryV2N5P24
Generating Bar ChartsHP41John RodgersV2N5P25

 September/October 1983

V2 N4 

Flags UnlimitedHP41R. WoodhouseV2N4P3
ASCII Record to Register movesHP41R. WoodhouseV2N4P3
Constant ArithmeticHP41David KiplingV2N4P4
Degrees to Pi-Radians converterHP41David KiplingV2N4P4
Virtually Connected... "Fours"HP41David KiplingV2N4P5
Alphabetic sorting of ASCII filesHP41John FranklinV2N4P6
Store and recall of timer alarmsHP41John BruceV2N4P7
Bits and piecesHP41Peter Gatenby, John Bruce, David BurchV2N4P8
Non-synthetic byte grabber assignment program - Part 2HP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV2N4P9
HP41CX - At last the myth becomes a reality!HP41Frank Wales, David BurchV2N4P12
HP-15C simulation on HP41HP15, HP41Thomas ValereV2N4P14
Sea BattleHP41Mark CracknellV2N4P17
Matrix OperationsHP41David McHaleV2N4P20
HP-75C ROM updateHP75David BurchV2N4P39
Bugs & NOPsDatafile V2N4P39

 June/July/August 1983

V2 N3 

Salary <-> Inflation CheckingHP41John RodgersV2N3P3
Tape or EM data file systemHP41Rober WoodhouseV2N3P3
Takeover bid for 41C operating systemHP41Gordon Rowell, Philip LongV2N3P5
Selective Clear KeysHP41Neil JarmanV2N3P5
BiorythmsHP41Neil JarmanV2N3P5
Hex LoaderHP41Ruys DirkV2N3P6
Sub HuntHP41Brian SteelV2N3P7
Mountain Computer HP-IL 80 Column Video InterfaceMC00701AMountain ComputerV2N3P8
Fermat Test for large primesHP41Peter GatenbyV2N3P9
Simple X-memory text editorHP41Mark WildingV2N3P10
Key Assignment ProgramsHP41Gerard WestenV2N3P11
Modification ServiceHP41R. HellbuschV2N3P12
75C User's Program Library IndexHP75Neville JosephV2N3P13
Plotter Graphics Solution Book detailsHP75 V2N3P14
Reading barcode with the HP-75C and HP-39800AHP75David BurchV2N3P14
75C Lex file creationHP75Janick Taillandier, David BurchV2N3P14
75C Text Formatter ROM ReviewHP75David BurchV2N3P15
Programming CAT, COPY, CLP...HP41Dirk RuysV2N3P17
Synthetic Programming Paper KeyboardHP41Brian SteelV2N3P18
GamblerHP41Neil JarmanV2N3P20
Running programs in X-memoryHP41David DrabbleV2N3P21
Non-synthetic byte grabberHP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV2N3P22
Hardware groupGeneralJohn BruceV2N3P22
Marine navigation groupGeneralPaul HickmottV2N3P22
Tip to speed up HP41 programsHP41John FranklinV2N3P31
Making a program PRIVATEHP41John BruceV2N3P31
HP Users' Program Library Europe To CloseGeneralDavid BurchV2N3P31

 March/April/May 1983

V2 N2 

Go FORTH with the HP-75CHP75Terry CymbalistyV2N2P1
Arabic - Roman - Arabic Conversion RoutineHP41Jeremy MilesV2N2P3
Insertion SortingHP41John FranklinV2N2P5
Flag Control - Using flag 45HP41Jeremy SmithV2N2P6
Extended I/O ROMHP41David BurchV2N2P7
Assembly Language EnablerHP41Thomas ValereV2N2P11
FractionsHP41Ulf ZieckerV2N2P15
Calculate the area under a curve and its centroidHP41Julian PerryV2N2P16
Copy extended memory to card or cassetteHP41Julian PerryV2N2P17
New ASCII file creation and changing routinesHP41Keith HarrisonV2N2P18
Flag ControlHP41Jim DalyV2N2P18
41 Processor Speed upsHP41David BurchV2N2P19
Defeating 41 PRIVATE programs - a reason for non-publicationHP41David BurchV2N2P20
General purpose HP-75C ROM projectHP75David BurchV2N2P21
Go "FORTH" with the HP-75CHP75David BurchV2N2P22
HP-75C I/O Utilities PacHP75David BurchV2N2P22
Strange behaviour with data statementsHP75David JohnsonV2N2P23
ED: X-memory ASCII file editorHP41Frank WalesV2N2P23
Views from PPC meetingsGeneralWlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz, Paul VickersV2N2P27
KEYNOTES - A message from the editorGeneralHenry HornV2N2P28
Variable speed HHP-16K EPROM boxHP41Handheld Products, David BurchV2N2P28
Millman's TheoremHP41Dave DrabbleV2N2P31
Variable PauseHP41David JohnsonV2N2P34
HP-82166C HP-IL Component KitHP-82166CDavid BurchV2N2P59

 Jan/Feb 1983

V2 N1 

Printerless BiorythmsHP41Jeremy MilesV2N1P4
ASCII file sorting routinesHP41Keith HarrisonV2N1P6
Bairstow's MethodHP41Dejan RistanovicV2N1P8
Synthetic Key AssignerHP41John FranklinV2N1P12
The HP-41 Goes 67/97HP41Thomas ValereV2N1P13
.XOR. - A GameHP41Dejan RistanovicV2N1P18
Newcomer's CornerGeneral V2N1P20
To Support the HP-75C or notHP75David BurchV2N1P22
HP-75C ReviewHP75Neville JosephV2N1P23
Specifying subroutines in a running programHP41John GoldingV2N1P25
MastermindHP41Julian PerryV2N1P26
Telephone TimerHP41Ulf ZieckerV2N1P27
PPC-ROM - Listing of routines contained in the custom programmer's ROMHP41PPCV2N1P29
Around the world in 41C daysGeneralWlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV2N1P30
M-Code explainedHP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV2N1P32
Bits and piecesHP41 V2N1P32
Report on first regional meetingsGeneralWlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz, Robert LewisV2N1P34
Book: Synthetic Programming Made Easy by Keith JarrettHP41 V2N1P35
Convert ASCII files to data files for magnetic card storageHP41Wilfried KotzV2N1P35

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