Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings
Calculators Conferences Journal Meetings

 Winter 1982

V1 N3 

Bugs in Datafile V1 articlesGeneral V1N3P2
Extended Function/Memory ModuleHP41Frank WalesV1N3P3
PPC-UK ROM ProjectHP41Frank WalesV1N3P4
Decimal to Roman numeral converterHP41Neil JarmanV1N3P7
HP-15C - First impressions by an HP-41 userHP-15CJohn DearingV1N3P8
Reading: Calculator Tips & RoutinesHP41John DearingV1N3P8
Video Interace - Inverse Display CharactersHP41John DearingV1N3P9
Reading: Curve fitting for programmable calculatorsHP41William KolbV1N3P10
Reading: Synthetic Programming on the HP-41HP41Bill WickesV1N3P10
Automatic Numerical IntegrationGeneralCharles WilliamsV1N3P13
46 byte code or HN Routine using EF/EMHP41Thomas ValereV1N3P19
To support the HP-75C or notHP75Neville JosephV1N3P20
Telephone ListsHP41Ralph Simons, Neil JarmanV1N3P21
HP-41 Pseudo Barcode Generator UnitHP41Ulrich JansenV1N3P22
Tone IND XHP41Thomas ValereV1N3P23
Clear block of consecutive registersHP41Thomas ValereV1N3P23
The Ultimate ProtectionHP41Ruys DirkV1N3P23
RAMWORDHP41Keith HarrisonV1N3P24
GunfightHP41Ruys DirkV1N3P26
Extended Memory OrganisationHP41John FranklinV1N3P27
Loading & saving ASCII files on magnetic cardsHP41John FranklinV1N3P29
Renaming any type of fileHP41John FranklinV1N3P29
Resize ASCII filesHP41John FranklinV1N3P30
Store & recall of 41C timer alarms using cassettesHP41Bill WickesV1N3P30
HP Basic Users GroupGeneral V1N3P30
Brain TeasersHP41Dejan RistanovicV1N3P31
How to program your handheld computerHP41Frank WalesV1N3P33
Synthetic Programming RulesHP41Frank WalesV1N3P34

 August/September 1982

V1 N2 

Bugs in V1N1General V1N2P2
VAT RoutineHP41John MarshV1N2P2
HP86 and 87XM ComputersHP86, HP87XMHewlett-PackardV1N2P3
Dungeon Of DeathHP41Frank WalesV1N2P4
Keying HP-41 Synthetic Instructions - Reassignment of the F7 byte grabberHP41David BurchV1N2P10
Maths routines using PPC-ROMHP41Julian PerryV1N2P11
PPC-ROM column print formattingHP41PPCV1N2P11
Programming with PRPHP41Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczV1N2P13
More accurate statistics functionsHP41Charles WilliamsV1N2P17
Secondary RPN stackHP41Charles WilliamsV1N2P18
How to program your handheld computerHP41Frank WalesV1N2P19
Synthetic Programming RulesHP41Frank WalesV1N2P20
The ultimate NOPHP41David BurchV1N2P22
Recharheable size N cellsHP41David GibsonV1N2P23
Creating your own function labelsHP41Keith HarrisonV1N2P23
Complex Gamma FunctionHP-15CCharles WilliamsV1N2P24
New Product: HP-75C Battery Operated Portable ComputerHP75Hewlett-PackardV1N2P27
New Product: HP-41 Autostart and duplication ROMHP41Hewlett-PackardV1N2P29
New Product: HP-41 Touch KeyboardHP41Hewlett-PackardV1N2P30
New Product: HP-12C Learning GuideHP-12CHewlett-PackardV1N2P30
New Product: HP-10C Programmable CalculatorHP10Hewlett-PackardV1N2P30
New Product: HP-7470A/B PlotterHP7470Hewlett-PackardV1N2P30
Clear block of consecutive registersHP41Thomas ValereV1N2P31

 July 1982

V1 N1 

HP-IL - A question answeredHP-ILDavid BurchV1N1P3
Income Tax CalculationsHP41Ralph SimonsV1N1P4
HangmanHP41Julian PerryV1N1P5
Calendar Functions (PPC-ROM)HP41Julian PerryV1N1P5
The EPROM Box ExplainedHP41John FrenchV1N1P6
HP-15C & HP-16C - HP's new slimline programmablesHP15, HP16Hewlett-PackardV1N1P7
Hexadecimal byte loaderHP41John FrenchV1N1P8
Automatic Banner PrintingHP41Charles WilliamsV1N1P12
How to program your handheld computerHP41Frank WalesV1N1P13
Synthetic Programming RulesHP41Frank WalesV1N1P15
What is PPC?GeneralRichard NelsonV1N1P16

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