WCAT41 Manual Page


wcat41 - a filter to list the contents of an HP41 Write All file


wcat41 < wall_file


wcat41 is a filter which reads an HP41 Write All file from standard input. It then writes to standard output the following information : The SIZE (number of user data registers) and the location of the first statistical register. The number of KARs (Key Assignment Registers) found. The ID and size of any buffers. Global labels (and ENDs) of user programs, in a format similar to CAT 1 on the HP41.


The format of an HP41 Write All file is not well documented. However it is simply a dump of all the HP41 user memory (excluding extended memory) in the logical order. The data stored in HP41 User Memory is documented in most books on synthetic programming, for example the Synthetic Programming Quick Reference Guide by J. Smith.


To get a catalogue of an HP41 Write All file called all1.w41 , type : wcat41 < all1.w41




wcat41 was written by Tony Duell, ard.p850ug1@gmail.com and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0