WALL41 Manual Page


wall41 - a program to extract information from an HP41 Write All file


wall41 [-k [ key_file ] ] [-b buff# [ buffer_file ] ] [-r [ register_file ] ] [-s [ status_file ] ] [-p program_name ] < writeall_file wall41 -?


An HP41 Write All file is a dump of the entire contents of user memory, including user data, user programs, buffers, key assignments and the status registers. wall41 reads a Write All file from standard input and extracts one or more of these sections from it. The extracted data is written either to standard output or to the specified file. In turn this information can be decoded by other filters in the LIF Utilities package.


-k [key_file] Extract the KARs (Key Assignment Registers) in a format suitable for decoding with key41. If an output file is not given, the data is written to standard output and can be piped directly in to key41 -b buff# [buffer_file] Extract the contents of the buffer area with id buff#. If buffer_file is not specified, the data is written to standard output. -r [register_file] Extract the user data registers as an sdata file. If no output file is specified, write the data to standard output, suitable for piping to the sdata program. -s [status_file] Extract the status information (user stack, alpha register, user flags) to the specified file, or, if no file is given, to standard output. The program stat41 can be used to decode this information. -p program_name Extract the user programs to files called program_name.001, program_name.002 and so on. The program_name must be specified, this option cannot write data to standard output. -? Print a message giving program usage to standard error and exit.


The format of the HP41 Write All file is undocumented, but as it is simply a dump of all user memory registers in the logical order, most books on synthetic programming which contain the format of HP41 user memory are a good reference on the data contained in a Write All file. Information of the format of Key Assignment Registers, HP41 user programs, data registers, etc can be found in the same books. Two useful references are : Extend Your HP41 (W. A. C. and The HP41 Synthetic Programming Quick Reference


If all1.w41 is an HP41 write-all file, then wall41 -k < all1.w41 | key41 will display the key assignments to standard output. Similarly wall41 -p program <all1.w41 will extract user programs to files called program.001, program.002, ...


wcat41(1), prog41(1), key41(1), sdata(1), stat41(1), regs41(1)


wall41 was written by Tony Duell, ard.p850ug1@gmail.com and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0