TEXT75 Manual Page


text75 - a filter to print HP75 text files


text75 [-n] < Input file > Output file text75 -?


text75 is a filter which translates an HP75 text file into a standard ASCII file. One logical line of the input file is translated to one line of output, terminated by a newline. The HP75 text file is read from standard input and the plain ASCII equivalent is written to standard output.


-n Print a decimal line number at the start of each output line. -? Print a message giving usage to standard error.


If disk1.lif is a LIF disk image containing an HP75 text file called T75 then lifget -f disk1.lif T75 | text75 will list that file to standard output.


text75 was written by Tony Duell, ard.p850ug1@gmail.com and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0