STAT41 Manual Page


stat41 - a filter to display an HP41 status file


stat41 [-b] [-f] [-v] < Input file stat41 -?


stat41 is a filter which displays the information in an HP41C status file. This file contains the user RPN stack, the alpha register, the status of the first 44 flags, the current SIZE and number of the first statistics register. The status file is read from standard input and the values displayed in human-readable form on standard output.


-b Display strings in stack registers as BLDSPEC values. -f Display strings in stack registers as RCLFLAG settings if appropriate. -v Display user flags verbosely, rather than as a binary number. -? Print a message giving the program usage to standard error.


If disk1.lif is a LIF disk image containing an HP41 status file called STAT then lifget -f disk1.lif STAT | stat41 will display the contents of this status file on standard output


stat41 was written by Tony Duell, and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0