ROM41CAT Manual Page


rom41cat - a filter to display the function names in an HP41 ROM image


rom41cat [-x] < rom_file > output_file rom41cat -?


rom41cat reads the Function Address Table (FAT) at the start of an unscrambled HP41 ROM image and displays the names of the functions (both Mcode and user language (Focal)) contained in that ROM. If the -x option is not given then the XROM numbers, entry address of the function, language and name are displayed on standard output. If the -x option is given, then the XROM numbers and function name are displayed on standard output in a format that can be stored in a file and read into prog41 as an xrom definition file. Then prog41 can give the correct names to functions in this rom. In this case, the names of user language functions are displayed in the form XROM'name' Use rom41 to unscramble Eramco rom image files before using rom41cat to display the function names contained therein.


-x Produce a prog41 xrom definition file -? Print a message giving program usage to standard error.


The format of the FAT and names for Mcode functions is given in HP-41 Mcode for Beginners (Ken Emery) The format of names for user language functions does not appear to be documented and was discovered by experiment.


If myrom.rom is an Eramco rom image file then rom41 < myrom.rom | rom41cat will display the function names, entry points and language to standard output, while rom41 < myrom.rom | rom41cat -x will produce an xrom definition file for prog41 containing the function names in myrom.rom




Some commonly used HP41 characters have no Ascii equivalents and are therefore displayed as \nnn octal escape sequences. Spaces in function names are replaced by underscores since prog41 can't handle spaces in function names in xrom definition files. The 'geese' are displayed as the corresponding punctuation characters.


rom41cat was written by Tony Duell, and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0