ROM41 Manual Page


rom41 - a filter to unscramble an Eramco ROM image


rom41 < rom_file > output_file


The Eramco MLDL-OS ROM set can save HP41 ROM images to disk, and the file format used has become a de facto standard for such images. It stores 4 10 bit HP41 words in 5 bytes of the file. A 4K ROM dump is thus stored in a 5120 byte file. rom41 unscrambles such an image, storing each HP41 10 bit word in 2 bytes of the output file, and therefore a 4K image takes up 8192 bytes when unscrambled. The resulting output file, although larger, is easier to process with other programs.


If myrom.rom is an HP41 rom image, produced by the Eramco MLDL-OS and stored in a linux file, then rom41 < myrom.rom > myrom.out will unscramble the image and store the result in myrom.out




rom41 was written by Tony Duell, and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0