PROG41BAR Manual Page


prog41bar - Convert a PROG41 file into HP41 barcode


prog41bar < input_file > barcode_file


prog41bar is a program that reads a PROG41 file from standard input and writes the corresponding HP41 barcode file to standard output. The output of prog41bar can be piped to a suitable barcode printing program such as barps


The format of HP41 barcode is given in the book Creating your own HP41 Barcode (Hewlett-Packard) The format of the barcode file written by sdatabar is given in barcode(5)


If prog1 is an hp41 binary program file (PROG41 file), and postscript is a postscript printer then prog41bar < prog1 | barps 'Data will print that file as HP41 barcode on the postscript printer.


prog41bar was written by Tony Duell,, and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0