OUTP41 Manual Page


outp41 - a filter to produce an HP41 hexadecimal program


outp41 < input_file > output_device_or_file


The HP41C Extended I/O Module contains 2 commands, INP and OUTP which translate HP41 programs (stored in the calculator's program memory) into a hexadecimal byte stream for transmission to other computers. outp41 reads an HP41 binary program from standard input and writes the hexadecimal byte stream to standard output (which may be redirected to, for example, a serial port connected to the HP41 via an HP82164 RS232 interface).


hardware/* : Information on linking the HP41 to a PC.


The format of this hexadecimal stream is essentially undocumented and was discovered by experiment. The format is given in the comments at the start of the source file outp41.c


outp41 was written by Tony Duell, ard.p850ug1@gmail.com and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0