LIFSTAT Manual Page


lifstat - A program to display statistics for a LIF disk or image


lifstat [-f] LIF_disk_device_or_image lifstat [-f] LIF_disk_device_or_image block_number lifstat [-f] LIF_disk_device_or_image cylinder head sector lifstat -?


lifstat is a program to display the block usage of a LIF disk or disk image file. If lifstat is run with no arguments other than the name of the LIF device or file (and the -f flag if appropriate), then 2 lines are printed to standard output giving the starting and ending blocks of the directory and the user file data. The blocks are specified both by their block number and by their cylinder/head/sector address. If lifstat is run with one additional argument, then that argument is taken as a logical block number. A single line is written to standard output giving that block number, the equivalent cylinder/head/sector address and the file name of the file that contains that block. If lifstat is run with 3 additional arguments, then these are taken to be the cylinder, head and sector numbers (in that order) of a block on the disk. The program then behaves as if one argument was given. If the block number is part of the volume label or directory, or if it is not currently in use, then the 'file name' is reported as Volume Label, System 3000 block, directory or unused as appropriate.


-f Produce the stats for a LIF disk image file rather than a physical device. -? Print a message giving program usage to standard error and exit.


If disk_image is a disk image file, then lifstat -f disk_image will write a message to standard output giving the start and end blocks of the directory and user data. Similarly lifstat -f disk_image 37 will output the file name of the file containing block 37


The format of a LIF disk directory is given in the HP-IL Interface Owners Manual for the


No attempt has been made to handle bad track replacements on a physical LIF disk.


lifstat was written by Tony Duell, and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0