LIFRMHDR Manual Page


lifrmhdr - a filter to remove Anadisk-style headers from a LIF image


lifrmhdr < Input file > Output file


lifrmhdr is a filter which removes the 8-byte headers used by the MS-DOS shareware program Anadisk and returns a raw disk image that can be written to a physical disk using lifdump or processed by other LIF Utilities The disk image is read from standard input and the raw image is written to standard output. See the lifaddhdr source code for details of the header format


The sector header format is also documented in the Anadisk documentation produced by Sydex


This programs has only been tested against lifaddhdr since I have no way to run Anadisk. No attempt has been made to handle bad track replacements in the LIF disk image, and the input image must contain all the sectors for the first 77 cylinders only.


lifrmhdr was written by Tony Duell, and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0