LIFDUMP Manual Page


lifdump - dump a LIF disk image to a physical LIF disk


lifdump <input file> <output device> lifdump <output device> (Reads input from standard input)


lifdump reads a LIF disk image file, as produced by lifimage and writes it to a pre-formatted LIF disk. The original contents of the disk (and the directory) are overwritten by this command and are thus lost. If lifdump is executed with 2 arguments, then the contents of the file named by the first argument are written to the device specified by the second argument. If it is executed with one argument, then the standard input stream is written to the device specified by that argument. The disk must have already been formatted as an HP LIF disk, for example using a series 40 or series 70 machine and an HP9114 disk drive. See comments in the lifimage source code for details of the image file format.


If the file disk1.lif contains a LIF disk image then lifdump disk1.lif /dev/fd1 will dump that file to a preformatted disk in device /dev/fd1


No attempt has been made to handle bad track replacements. The image is always written to the first 77 cylinders of the disk.


lifdump was written by Tony Duell, and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0