HPTEXT Manual Page


hptext - a filter to translate an HP text file into a standard text file


hptext < Input file > Output file


hptext is a filter that reads an HP text file (also known as a LIF1 format file) from standard input and writes the equivalent standard text file to standard output. Each record of the HP text file is assumed to be one line of the output file.


The HP text file format is documented in section of the HP71 Software Internal Design Specifications Volume


If disk1.lif is a LIF disk image containing an HP text file called TEXTA then lifget -f disk1.lif TEXTA | hptext will produce a listing of this file to standard output.


hptext was written by Tony Duell, ard.p850ug1@gmail.com and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0