BARPRT Manual Page


barprt - Display an HP41 barcode file (diagnostic)


barprt < barcode_file


barprt is a filter which reads an HP41 barcode file from standard input. For each logical record in the barcode file, the following is printed to standard output : The number of bytes in that row of barcode The values of those bytes in hexadecimal The values of those bytes in decimal Standard output can, of course be redirected in the normal way if it is desired to pipe the output of barprt to another program or store it in a file. barprt is intended as a diagnostic program for debugging barcode creation and printing programs. It can be used to ensure that the output of a barcode creation program is as expected. A barcode printing program can be tested by using it to print a barcode file and then comparing the output of barprt applied to that file with the result of using the HP41 command WNDSCN to read the corresponding row of printed barcode.


See barcode(5) for details of the barcode file format


If bar1 is an HP41 barcode file then the command barprt < bar1 will display the contents of that file in human-readable form on the user's terminal


barprt was written by Tony Duell, and has been placed under the GNU Public License version 2.0