IL2000 Interface System

Connecting HP-41 & HP-IL Interface Loop to Future

by Christoph Klug

When I start 1980 using HP-41 handheld computer, I don´t know that this nice machine fascinates me up to 20 years later ! From this work results some special software like a 8 kByte solution for acoustics and loudspeaker development. But most fun I get by interfacing external hardware to the handheld, using the HP 82166A IL-Converter. Some articles about this I/O-Board project are published in former HPCC Datafile Journals. During this two decades I have nice contacts and exchange with other HP-41 enthusiasts and fans world wide !

The existing modular hardware system of I/O-Board (IL-Converter, motherboard, power supply board, lead cell battery, some different plug in modules ...) is ideally for use on workbench, for evaluation and prototyping interface solutions for measurement and control hardware applications with HP-41 handheld computer system. But for mobile and portable applications the I/O-Board system do not have a practical housing like a closed case or a handy box. Furthermore producing of I/O-Board and belonging Power-Supply unit is a mixture of working with printed boards plus additionally hand wiring much lines and components. To overcome this wake points, now I start the IL2000 project :

New Interface Hardware

By working with surface mounted components, IL2000 project transfers complete proved I/O-Board technology into a handy box. Some interface- and power supply features expanded : Addressing maximally 8 sixteen bit I/O ports (I/O-Board addresses only 2 sixteen bit I/O ports), a three colour diagnostic LED, some optional supply voltages, a solar cell charger option and a low bat indicator circuit. The new modular mechanical design is realized by 10 inch rack case parts. Some parts are modified for reaching standard height of only 88mm. For extensive interface applications, mounting more hardware modules is possible by enlarging box width up to 19 inch rack size.

IL2000 interface board + IL-Converter + POW2000 power supply board stacked together, forming the basic hardware module, placed to right side of 10 inch rack case. A 50 pin flat ribbon wire power- and data bus is connected to additionally plug in modules : I/O2000 is the adapter solution for employing proved I/O-Board plug in module family. Inserting two 16 Bit or four 8 Bit plug in modules is possible. DIG2000 board make possible general 16 Bit digital I/O applications. Additional evaluation area including a ground-plane gives you some space for placing own hardware circuit extensions.

HP-41 software used for IL2000 system is compatible to I/O-Board. Refer to I/O-Board manual Chapter II and Chapter VII . Addressing additional input- and output ports needs expanded software. Like I/O-Board also IL2000 interface board works with pulsed GETO-Line (IL-Converter trigger signal) for port addressing.

IL2000 system is the multi-purpose interface solution for expanding HP-41 handheld computer system by advanced input/output applications. The portable, battery powered design is helpfully for today HP-41 fans and enthusiasts, and for electronic professionals. The modular hardware concept make possible configuration of IL2000 interface system to every task you want. Developing special modules for you own applications and hardware projects is possible in short time. IL2000 system continues proved I/O-Board design, and both systems are fantastic IL-Devices for implementing your ideas quickly !

IL2000 Manual

New IL2000 interface system is documented by an own manual. This complements the existing 300 page I/O-Board manual. Like the history of growing I/O-Board manual also for IL2000 manual future updates are possible, describing more hardware applications and system expansions. The first print of IL2000 manual includes some photos, diagrams and more than 100 pages. First chapter contains prefaces, written by the handheld computer book authors Gary Friedman (Control The World with HP-IL), Dr. Tony Duell (HP-48 I2C-Bus Interface) and Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz (Extend your HP-41). Second chapter describes the complete hardware and the mechanical design. Third chapter gives a first example working with IL2000 system : Third octave frequency response audio measurement. This application continues audio measurement chapter XVI of I/O-Board manual. For getting a own sample of the new IL2000 manual contact the author.

For more information about HP-41, HP 82166A IL-Converter, IL2000 System and belonging IL2000 manual write to :

Christoph Klug Körnerstraße 47 B 31141 Hildesheim Germany

IL2000 Manual Contents

PART I Prefaces from Gary Friedman, Christoph Klug, Dr. Tony Duell and Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz
PART II Connecting HP-IL Interface Loop to Future
PART III Audio Third Octave Frequency Response Measurement

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