HP-41 Hardware Interface Activities

by Christoph Klug

Also today I like working with the *nostalgic* Fourty-One handheld computer system. From this activities results a collection of HP-41 and HP-IL components. My activities are concentrated to the powerfully CX model, belonging software development includes User code and synthetic programming, not mcode programming. For realizing extensive software solutions I work with RSU (Ram Storage Unit) and burn own ZEPROM-Modules (EPROM).

Main subject is interfacing of external electronic hardware to HP-41 handheld by using HP-IL and HP 82166A IL-Converter. For realizing this I create two systems : First I developed the battery powered, modular Input/Output-Board for use with the IL-Converter. The I/O-Board manual in English language (16 chapters and over 300 pages) contains some analog- and digital-circuits for *measurement and control applications*. Both, HP-41 and I/O-Board creating an expandable software/hardware system for realizing individual applications. The second solution is the IL2000 System. This brings complete I/O-Board technology plus some extended features into a small, handy box, working with surface mounted parts. For the belonging English language IL2000 manual (up to now 3 parts and 100 pages) further updates are planned.

Connecting HP-41 to I/O-Board or IL2000 System make possible data logging applications. For processing measurement-data the transfer to modern PC have a key function for today work with HP-41. By using HP-IL with an own rebuild version of the HP-IL * PC Interface Card I merge mobile HP-41 system and modern PC. Existing transfer software solutions like LINK PLUS or TRANS41 are tested and improved for usage with HP-41.

Above activities completed by writing HP-41 articles as author for the Datafile Journal, published world wide for members of the HPCC Handheld and Portable Computer Club (London).

The collection of HP-41 parts and accessories, HP-IL devices and books and software is an by-product of using HP-41. By trading components with other handheld computer fans I hope to improve existing stock of my collection.

Also for today work the *nostalgic* HP-41 is a powerful handheld computer system : With additionally plug in expansion modules you bypass hardware limitations. And by using HP-IL you realize extensive data storage, printing, plotting, interfacing, measurement and data-transfer to PC.

*HP-41 Hardware Interface Activities* also includes support of today business of HP-41 users, fans and handheld computer collectors, like trading tools and parts, or exchanging software and books. Please contact :

Christoph Klug Körnerstraße 47 B 31141 Hildesheim Germany

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Page last modified : 10th March 2000