Evaluation of Windows CE programs tested on an Hp 680

Dear handheld users, last month I showed you a flight simulator tool, well this time no tools but the real stuff, fasten Seatbelts, engines full power, gear up … here we come!! A flight simulator on a handheld device!!!!

Leo’s Flight Simulator v0.1.1 (1042k)

Download Now: H/PC: SH3, MIPS 

File Name : leofs_hpcpro_sh3.exe

License: Beta until 31/12/2000

Home Page: http://web.jet.es/leobueno/index.html

Image1.jpg (11399 bytes) Dear Windows CE users,

I could not believe my eyes, a complete Flight simulator for a handheld device??? Impossible. Quick download, install and yes, I was behind the wheel of a acrobatic airplane.

Full throttle, V1, V2 pull up, gone with the wind… turning, teardrop, flaps, engine low, easy, easy, beep, beep wheels back on the ground. Mission Complete!! I was pleasantly surprised!! Image2.jpg (15656 bytes)
Image3.jpg (14179 bytes) Needless to say that enough storage and working space is needed. On my HP680 it was to slow with all the textures on, but with those off it was very flyable. Sometimes the reaction from the plane is a little bit slow especially on landings. Such as in a the most flight simulators you have a map, external and a tower view.

You also have the possibility to choose from different kinds of planes. From a simple Cessna, acrobatic airplanes or a two engine Beech. So fasten your seatbelts, engines on and fly away!!

Happy Landings,

Hans Vandale.