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General Links

The links below are our pick of HP handheld related sites which are not specific to a particular model.

HP Handhelds (HP's official handheld site)
The Museum of HP Calculators (includes details of older handhelds like the HP71 and HP75)

HP 71/75

Joe Horn's HP-71 Goodies
Cory Carpenter's HP-75 page (including HP Basic command reference) (from archive.org)
HP71 Emulator (for DOS)
HP71 Emulator (for Windows)
HP71/75 HP-IL LIF File Utilities (for Linux)

HP 95/100/200LX (DOS palmtops)

The HP Palmtop Paper Online

HP Xpander

Details from hp^c magazine about the Xpander
Pictures of the Xpander
Xpander software

HP Jornada (300LX/320LX/360LX/525/54x/56x/620LX/660LX/710/720)


news:microsoft.public.windowsce (Windows CE newsgroup)
Pictures of the HP Jornada 525
Pictures of the HP Jornada 420

Home Pages (alphabetically)

Craig Peacock's Windows CE Pages


HP-12C (TVM) Emulator for Jornada 568 (Copy this file to your Jornada for safe keeping)
Perl for Windows CE


Flight Simulator Review (from Datafile V20N1)

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