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 November/December 2006

V25 N6 

Club Information  V25N6P2
Stop Press  V25N6P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV25N6P3
Chairman's Report for HPCC AGM 2006GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N6P4
The HPCC 2006 Annual General MeetingGeneralDave ColverV25N6P5
ChairbytesGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N6P8
An Algebraic Crossnumber PuzzleGeneralPeter GatenbyV25N6P9
Counting the HP-12C's FunctionsHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N6P10
Update for the Viète π on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N6P12
An Enigma PuzzleGeneralPeter GatenbyV25N6P13
HP48/49/50 Program/List ChallengeRPLBill Butler & Roger HillV25N6P15
An Algebraic Crossnumber Puzzle - Answers  V25N6P15
The LUA of the HP50gHP50gHugh SteersV25N6P16
An HP restart tool for learners of physics in UK?GeneralBruce DicksonV25N6P23
Long Live The HP-71B !HP-71BValentín AlbilloV25N6P25
Hunt the Wumpus on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N6P37
HP Calculator History - HP Jornada 428 and 420JornadaWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N6P39

 September/October 2006

V25 N5 

Club Information  V25N5P2
Stop Press  V25N5P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV25N5P3
Chairman's Bytes - September-October 2006GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N5P4
Network Stack SortHP-41C, HP-12CTony HutchinsV25N5P5
Long Live The HP-34C !HP-34CValentín AlbilloV25N5P8
HPCC 2006 Mini-Conference ReportGeneralBruce HorrocksV25N5P17
Circular Functions on the HP-12C and 12cpHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N5P20
Getting More from the HP33SHP33SWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N5P27
π by François Viète (1593) on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N5P35
Buffon's Needle & GN on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N5P36
HP Calculator History - HP Jornada 820 and 820eJornadaWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N5P39

 July/August 2006

V25 N4 

Club Information  V25N4P2
Stop Press  V25N4P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV25N4P3
Chairman's Bytes - July-August 2006GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N4P4
Review of 25th Anniversary Edition HP 12cHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N4P5
The HP50gHP50gWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N4P6
HP 50g First ImpressionsHP50gMike ManderV25N4P8
HP-41 Check Routine - Is There Any Method?HP-41Frank WalesV25N4P10
HP-12C Platinum Cash-Flow Entry BugHP-12CKatie WassermanV25N4P12
Integer Division On The HP 33SHP33SAntonio MaschioV25N4P12
Eight HP-12C GamesHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N4P13
HP16C: Retrieving WSIZEHP-16CLuiz VieiraV25N4P21
RPN Stack Sort ProblemHP-12CKatie WassermanV25N4P21
R->P & P->R on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N4P22
Median & Mean MAD on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N4P25
HP Calculator History - HP38G and HP48G SpecialsGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N4P27
For Sale - Rabin's books  V25N4P27

 May/June 2006

V25 N3 

Club Information  V25N3P2
Stop Press  V25N3P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV25N3P3
Members' Letters - HP9820HP9820Tony DuellV25N3P4
Members' Letters - HP12C Anniversary Edition - First ThoughtsHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N3P6
Chairman's Bytes - May-June 2006GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N3P7
HP keyboards revisitedGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N3P8
The HP49G+ KeyboardHP49G+Erich RechlinV25N3P9
EnlightenmentGeneralJoe HornV25N3P11
HP49 Notes - Fun With KEYEVALHP-49GJoe HornV25N3P17
EMU41 Update 2006HP-41Christoph KlugV25N3P18
Know Thy Foe: A New ContenderSharpValentín AlbilloV25N3P21
Mortgaged Property Analysis on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N3P33
HP Calculator History - The HP 48G+HP-48G+Włodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N3P35
For Sale and Wanted V25N3P35

 March/April 2006

V25 N2 

Club Information  V25N2P2
Stop Press  V25N2P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV25N2P3
Simple Rolodex for HP49G SeriesHP49John H. MeyersV25N2P4
Chairman's Bytes - March-April 2006GeneralWłodek Mier-Jędrzejowicz V25N2P7
SpirographHP49GWes LoewerV25N2P8
HP-12C ΔDYS with European 30/360 outputsHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N2P9
Geometric Annuities on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N2P10
Solving for unknown CFj using the HP-12C NPVHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N2P15
HP-12C Platinum 25th Anniversary EditionHP-12CBruce HorrocksV25N2P17
HP-12C Platinum 25th Anniversary EditionHP-12CHewlett-PackardV25N2P18
HP-71B Sudoku Generator ... & Coach !HP-71BValentín AlbilloV25N2P20
Hide Object in an ArrayHP49Khanh-Dang Nguyen Thu-LamV25N2P34
HP Calculator History - The HP 620LX and 660LXHP6x0LXWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N2P35
For Sale and WantedVariousWMJ & Victor HermansV25N2P35

 January/February 2006

V25 N1 

Club Information V25N1P2
Stop Press V25N1P2
EditorialGeneralBruce HorrocksV25N1P3
More on Solving SudokuGeneralPhilip BelbenV25N1P4
Chairman's Bytes - January-February 2006GeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N1P5
KEYPK - Key Assignment Packer for hp49g+HP49Joe HornV25N1P6
Peter FarmerObituaryDave ColverV25N1P7
Potted Palm - Why use a keyboard on a Pocket PC or Palm device?PalmPat MericanV25N1P8
The RSA Algorithm on the HP-12CHP-12CTony HutchinsV25N1P11
hp 49g+ Notes: SD Card Timingshp49g+Steen SchmidtV25N1P14
hp49g+ Special Functions Libraryhp49g+Steen SchmidtV25N1P17
HP-41 / RS232 - RS232 / HP-41HP-41Christoph KlugV25N1P18
The PB Complete Sudoku MethodGeneralPeter GatenbyV25N1P24
Long Live the HP-25 !HP-25Valentín AlbilloV25N1P25
The hp8s - an entry-level calculator from HPhp8sWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N1P32
Auction of Rabin's ItemsGeneralBruce HorrocksV25N1P34
HP Calculator History-The HP 340LX & 360LXGeneralWłodek Mier-JędrzejowiczV25N1P35
For SaleGeneral V25N1P35

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